Success is a journey,
not a destination


We can guide your success

Our Roots

Holki will be your partner in next generation leadership, sales & people management, culture & happiness, organisation and strategy.

We can assist you in 

We want to share our experience with positive managers and employees who are open-minded and ready to grow.


The journey to success

Are you ready to jump on board the journey to success. With our guidance and knowledge we aim and reach the best targets to boost your company.

Boost your Business

Our clients are very diverse. We work in different sectors, large or small companies, start-ups, companies in difficulty or financially strong organisations.

They have one thing in common: they need guidance to take them to the next level.

In pole position

Marianne and Steven have the knowledge and strengths to bring and keep the right people together for the right job. Employees get to know themselves better, are given the opportunity to grow and further develop themselves from their own strengths.

Dietrich van de Walle

With lots of joy and passion, Marianne took me on a journey to authentic, positive and modern leadership. Aside from her valuable experience with people and business management, her passion for (human & business) growth is inspiring and engaging.

Katrien Matthys

I had the privilege of working closely with Marianne and Steven.  The energy with which they work, is almost contagious, and is extremely motivating to the organisation they manage. I have not met one employee who would not go to all extremes for them.

Bart Collier