After several years of experience in various sectors, we took the decision to start independently at the beginning of 2009. As Richard Branson said, the entrepreneur of the future starts his business in an economically inferior situation.

With our positive attitude, low fixed costs and our thorough vision on customer service, we were able to quickly make a difference in a difficult market.  10 Years later we sold the company, where we had 150 lucky employees working, a turnover of 100 million euros and an EBITDA of 12 million euros.

There are several success factors to this story: the people we have been able to bring together to work with , the customers who have given us the confidence and the skills we have as a duo.  Let’s be honest: when people and sales are on the same page …

2 Years later we know very well where our path lies and we are grateful for everything we have learned. We want to use our acquired knowledge and experience to guide companies to success.

Companies can contact us if they need our services but we are mainly looking for companies where we can actively participate and sit at the table as partners.