Our clients are very diverse. We work in different sectors, large or small companies, start-ups, companies in difficulty or financially strong organisations. They have one thing in common: they need guidance to take them to the next level.

In January 2013 I joined VIO Interim as CFO together with Marianne Kindt and Steven Holvoet as founders of the company. We worked together intensively for a period of more than 6 years. Marianne and Steven complement each other perfectly, each from their own strengths, both human and commercial. They have the knowledge and strengths to bring and keep the right people together for the right job. Employees get to know themselves better, are given the opportunity to grow and further develop themselves from their own strengths. Marianne and Steven, thank you for these wonderful years that we have worked together.

Dietrich van de Walle

Former CFO of VIO Interim

With lots of joy and passion, Marianne took me on a journey to authentic, positive and modern leadership. Aside from her valuable experience with people and business management, her passion for (human & business) growth is inspiring and engaging. She’s invited me to invest in company values/culture and to simply create a fun, sincere and motivating workplace for our human capital. By keeping her main eye on growth and commercial goals, she smoothly balances between the 3 P’s people, profit and product. This way she’s very much contributing to the development of our company as a firm, sustainable and attractive business.

On a more personal level, Marianne has helped me to discover, develop and trust in my leadership capabilities. I feel more courageous, confident and creative than ever. And I’m having more fun doing my job, helping the company grow. Thank you for always being there in crucial moments and helping me grow, Marianne! I’m so very grateful for your support and am definitely advising anyone to take this journey with you.

Katrien Matthys


I had the privilege of working closely with Marianne and Steven in 2015 and 2017. I very much appreciated their unlimited energy, drive, positive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and sense of humour. The energy with which they work, is almost contagious, and is extremely motivating to the organisation they manage. I have not met one employee who would not go to all extremes for them.

Marianne knows like no other how to build a company culture and create a HR-policy which fully supports this culture. She knows perfectly well how to ensure this HR-policy is very humane and at the same time result-driven. Steven for his part is one of the best salespeople I had the chance of meeting. He possesses the powers of persuasion to bind clients to his organisation, and is also able to transfer this drive on his team.

Bart Collier

Kumulus partners

 It was a pleasure to work with Marianne and Steven on the further growth of VIO. We shared the same approach : people oriented, no nonsense and result driven by creating an environment where initiative and creativity are highly appreciated and stimulated.

Their passion, flexibility and agility were the key factors to the success of the group.

Peter Kloeck

Down 2 Earth