We are in an increasingly rapidly changing economy and it is important that we, as a company, evolve along with it. We act today and think about tomorrow.

It is important to look in the mirror and reflect on where we stand as a company and where we are going. Our products and services will change, as will the needs of our customers.

We will have to communicate in a different way and anticipate challenges. In this regard, it is important to continuously adjust our organisation and structure and adapt our sales model to the speed of the market.


The world, driven by technology, is changing too fast for us to reliably predict what will happen. Black swans are our biggest concern so we have to prepare our companies for a bright future.

Today’s leaders must inspire, collaborate and have the power to connect.

Culture and happiness of our people has to be the main goal so magic can happen. As we strongly believe the story telling companies will be the employers of the future.

Hierarchical structures move to self managing teams and this requires a totally different management approach and a different management profile.